Sunday, November 14, 2010

Don't deny it...

If you say you don’t have one, I don’t believe you. What am I talking about- your “girl-crush”. This meaning, that one celebrity, (or any woman for that matter) you look up to, admire, think is beautiful, and secretly wish you could be. I believe that every girl has at least one of these. Of course, I’m guilty to having two: Alessandra Ambrosio and Beyonce Knowles.
If you’re not familiar with Alessandra, I am referring to the Brazilian, 5 ft 10 in, 112lb, gorgeous Victoria’s Secret Model.  It may be easy to understand why I admire her looks and her body, but there is a little more to my crush than that. It started out with my obsession with watching the Victoria’s Secret Angles walk down the runway at the fashion show. Each model was better looking than the next and their outfits were exquisite. But I knew my favorite when I saw her. Along with her stunning body and godly hair and face, Alessandra radiated personality. After watching interview after interview, I had wanted to be her best friend. She’s lively, down-to-earth, playful, lighthearted, and really just seems to be a happy person. Given, she has a hell of a lot to be happy for including her little girl, Anja Louise. In documentary videos Alessandra participates in normal activities such as shopping for a Halloween costume and laughing with friends. She even brings you back to her house in Brazil where she grew up. You can see her bedroom, with simple white walls, a bed, and desk- just like any other girl. And, just like any girl, she adores chocolate! Here is a little taste of Alessandra. Also, for all of you runway fans here’s a sneak peak for the upcoming Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show!

Of course we all know the extraordinary, powerful, and talented BeyonceShe captivates millions of people with her sensational vocals. Her talent is compelling, her stage performance is implausible, and she doesn't look too bad either. She has become the ultimate diva. She's most definitely one for the books! I admire Beyonce because she is very balanced. Although she is extremely successful and is always in the limelight, she manages stay a classy, responsible, and an intelligent woman. She has been seen doing performances in things like sexy one-pieces, singing "Single Ladies", all the way to wearing an elegant ball gown performing "At Last" at the presidential inauguration.  She stays far away from conforming with the rest of young Hollywood. Also, Beyonce shows her appreciation for all of her fans. When accepting awards she still gets nervous and doesn't expect to win. She seems to stay grounded with her morals and what is important in her life. Simultaneously, Beyonce is "Sasha Fierce", her stage persona. On stage she's fearless, sexy, confident, and radiant. She nails her vocals, and seems untouchable. She was made to perform and she does it VERY well. Overall, Beyonce tackles the job of  being lusted by men, and admired by women. Here is of my favorite performances made by Beyonce at the Grammys!

Now that you know my girl- crushes... who are yours?

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  1. wow love thisssss. My girl crushes are Jessica Alba and Miranda kerr!